AI-based low-dose chest CT reading support’A-View LCS’

Corelinesoft, a medical imaging solution company, announced on the 21st that its lung cancer screening solution, AVIEW LCS (Lung Cancer Screening), was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as “510(k)”.

AVIEW LCS is a low-dose chest CT reading support solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to read out nodules that may progress to early lung cancer. It is used as the official software for the national lung cancer screening pilot project and has been verified for the past three years. It was selected as the solution of ‘EU LCS Trial(4-IN THE LUNG RUN)’, the largest lung cancer screening project in Europe starting in July this year.

In the United States and Europe, studies supporting the importance of early screening for lung cancer using CT have been published one after another. The Netherlands’ largest lung cancer screening clinical trial, the Netherlands-Belgium Lung Cancer Screening (NELSON), reported that patients who were screened annually for low-dose CT (LDCT) were up to 39% less likely to die from lung cancer than those who were not screened. He also published in the international journal England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

“We plan to dominate the global AI software medical device market by continuously expanding licenses in Europe, CE, Singapore, Southeast Asia and Japan,” said Park Hye-yi, director of CORELINE SOFT.

By Park Jung-ryul, reporter