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Accurate differentiation of organs before radiotherapy leads to effective treatment.

A medical AI automatically segmenting organs accurately and rapidly.

A medical AI automatically segmenting organs accurately and rapidly.

MFDS • CE Clearance

Rapid organ segmentation

Total of 36 organs can be automatically segmented.

  • Head&Neck segmentation
    Heart, breast, thyroid, esophagus, spinal cord, lymph nodes
  • Breast segmentation
    Lungs, liver, stomach, duodenum, kidneys
  • Abdomen segmentation
    Rectal, intestines, bowel, bowel, bladder, cervix, stomach, duodenum, spinal cord, horse gun, femur
  • Pelvic segmentation
    Brain, brain stem, eye, inner ear, larynx, lens, mandible, optic nerve crossing, optic nerve, oral cavity, parotid glands, pituitary gland, submandibular glands, spinal cord, thyroid

Conveniently plan your radiotherapy.

The segmented data is automatically transmitted to the treatment planning system (TPS).

Automated complex organ segmentation

Organ section is automatically segmented and you can adjust your results with minor inputs.


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