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Imaging data management is essential for medical research.
aview provides optimal data management solution for individual research and imaging data management application.

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Data Management

Easily Manage large amounts of medical data

Users can create databases by research topic and view stored data from a Worklist to help manage data systematically.

Classify your research data and quickly query data that meets your requirements.
The research result is always stored and linked to the original image.
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Key features

Ease of image segmentation in 2D and 3D.

Convenient and advance features

The semi-automatic segmentation features reduces working time because it is done in 3D instead of slice by slice. The final results are saved in 2D and 3D.
Numerous Rendering options provide convenient segmentation when labeling.
Experience advanced features to speed up the segmentation.




Magic cut segmentation


Add or remove free drawing dots or lines from masks.

aview Research Key features Brush


One click to separate linked masks.

aview Research Key features Pick


Adjust straight, curve, free draw lines of the desired body parts from masks.

aview Research Key features Sculpt

Magic cut segmentation

Automatically segment borderlines of the body parts by drawing 2 or 3 lines on a single slice.

aview Research Key features Magic cut segmentation


Research Application

Research Data Guide, aview Research

  • aview Research Research Data Guide Radiomics feature

    Radiomics feature

    Feature values based on pyradiomics is automatically calculated and extracted. The results are displayed on the Worklist and exported in bulk upon request.

  • aview Research Research Data Guide Labeling for AI learning

    Labeling for AI learning

    Generate AI research in JSON, NIFTI, and NRRD format, making AI research convenient.

  • aview Research Research Data Guide Labeling for AI learning

    Multi-purpose research

    Dataset for AI learning can be used for Radiomics research, and aview supports labeling data from other software tools.
    Create different images from raw imaging data by selecting render types.


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