Lung Cancer CT Screening and Lung-RADS in a Tuberculosis-endemic Country: The Korean Lung Cancer Screening Project (K-LUCAS)

Hyungjin Kim, Hyae Young Kim, Jin Mo Goo, Yeol Kim
Radiology 2020
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This secondary analysis of the Korean Lung Cancer Screening Project (K-LUCAS) evaluated the impact of tuberculosis sequelae on CT lung cancer screening effectiveness. Out of 11,394 high-risk participants, 1,509 (13%) had tuberculosis sequelae. The study found that while these sequelae were linked to positive CT screening results, they didn't correlate with lung cancer diagnosis. It also revealed that the Lung-RADS system's specificity was lower in participants with tuberculosis sequelae compared to those without. The study concluded that tuberculosis sequelae could potentially reduce the specificity of Lung-RADS-based CT screening for lung cancer in at-risk populations. During the project, the A-view Lungscreen system by Coreline Soft was implemented.


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