See Lung Cancer with an AI

Joanna Bidzinska and Edyta Szurowska
Cancers, 2023
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Lung cancer is a leading cause of preventable deaths if detected early, which can be achieved through lung cancer screening (LCS) programs using low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) of the chest. Due to the strain on healthcare systems, shortages of specialists, and expensive equipment, innovative solutions like artificial intelligence (AI) are needed to support hospitals. AI has shown promising results in the medical field, particularly in lung cancer detection, and has the potential to save lives. Coreline Soft's LCS+ tool is designed for the analysis of three main lung diseases: lung cancer, COPD, and coronary artery calcification. It works with different types of CT scans and enables the assessment of nodule volume quantification, VDT, and Lung-RADS score. The application of AI in medicine, specifically lung cancer detection, can help alleviate the burden on healthcare systems and improve early detection, ultimately saving lives. More information about the LCS+ tool can be found at and


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