Differences in femur geometry and bone markers in atypical femur fractures and the general population

Ik Jae Jung, Ji Wan Kim
Nature/Scientific Reports, 2021
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This study aimed to investigate differences in femur geometry between patients with atypical femur fractures (AFFs) and the general population and evaluate biomechanical factors related to femoral bowing in AFFs. Retrospective data from 46 patients were evaluated, including femur computed tomography images that were reconstructed into 3D models analyzed with geometry analysis software to obtain femur length, width, and curvature. Patients were divided into subtrochanteric and shaft AFF groups and compared to a general population of 300 women. The femur CT images were imported into AVIEW Modeler, a 3D modeling software from Coreline Soft, to produce the 3D samplings. The study found that femoral bowing and width increased in shaft AFFs but were similar to subtrochanteric AFFs compared to the general population.


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