Evaluation of fully automated commercial software for Agatston calcium scoring on non-ECG-gated low-dose chest CT with different slice thickness

Hyun Woo Kang, Woo Jin Ahn, Ju Hyun Jeong, Young Joo Suh, Dong Hyun Yang, Hangseok Choi, Sung Ho Hwang, Hwan Seok Yong, Yu-Whan Oh, Eun-Young Kang, Cherry Kim
European Radiology
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The study aimed to evaluate the reliability and agreement of a commercial deep learning-based software (AVIEW CAC, Coreline Soft) for fully automated coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring on non-ECG-gated low-dose CT (LDCT) with different slice thicknesses compared with manual ECG-gated calcium-scoring CT (CSCT). The results showed that both CSCT and LDCT using the fully automated CAC-scoring software demonstrated excellent reliability and agreement with manual CSCT scoring. LDCT with a 1.0-mm slice thickness yielded more accurate Agatston scoring than LDCT with a 2.5-mm slice thickness using the fully automated commercial software.


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