The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Coronary Calcium Scoring in Standard Cardiac Computed Tomography and Chest Computed Tomography With Different Reconstruction Kernels

Lin. Yenpo, Lin. Gigin, Peng. Meng-Ting, Kuo. Chi-Tai, Wan. Yung-Liang, Cherng. Wen-Jin
Journal of Thoracic Imaging
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In a study involving Coreline Soft's AI software AVIEWCAC, researchers evaluated the correlation between coronary calcium scores (CS) obtained through AI and those from standard and non-gated chest computed tomography (CCT and ChCT). Involving 76 patients, the study compared CS across different methods. Results indicated an excellent correlation between AI-derived CS and traditional methods, particularly in cardiovascular (CV) risk assessment. However, there was a tendency for underestimation in non-gated ChCT scores. Overall, AI-based CS assessment showed high reliability compared to traditional methods, demonstrating its potential in accurate CV risk evaluation.


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