Psoas Muscle Volume as an Opportunistic Diagnostic Tool to Assess Sarcopenia in Patients with Hip Fractures: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Sang-Pil So, Bum-Sik Lee and Ji-Wan Kim
J Pers Med.
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his study aimed to investigate whether the psoas muscle volume measured from pelvic CT scans could be used as a diagnostic tool to assess muscle mass and sarcopenia in patients with hip fractures. The study included 57 patients who underwent surgery for hip fractures, and their psoas muscle volume was calculated using a 3D modeling software program (AVIEW Modeler, Coreline Soft, Seoul, Korea). The results showed that psoas muscle volume had a stronger correlation with appendicular skeletal muscle mass and handgrip strength compared to the cross-sectional area of the psoas muscle. The psoas muscle volume could be used as a potential diagnostic tool to assess the quantity of skeletal muscle in patients with hip fractures without an additional examination.


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