Revisiting bilateral bony orbital volumes comparison using 3D reconstruction in Korean adults: a reference study for orbital wall reconstruction, 3D printing, and navigation by mirroring

Hyung Min Hahn, Yeon Kyo Jung, Il Jae Lee & Hyoseob Lim
BMC Surgery
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This study aimed to establish a reference for "mirroring" in orbital wall reconstruction using 3D printing and navigation-assisted surgery by comparing bilateral bony orbital volumes in Korean adults. Data from 100 adults without orbital fractures were retrospectively analyzed. AVIEW Research software (Coreline Soft Inc., Seoul, South Korea) was used to generate 3D reconstructions of the bony orbital cavity, automatically calculating orbital volumes from CT slices. Results showed that in males in their 20s, the mean left and right orbital volumes were 24.67 ± 2.58 mL and 24.70 ± 2.59 mL, respectively, with no significant size difference (p = 0.98) and a high Pearson’s correlation coefficient (0.977, p < 0.001). Similar results were observed across other age groups and in patients with nasal bone fractures. The study found high inter- and intrarater reliability (0.97 and 0.99, respectively, p < 0.001). The uninjured orbit can thus serve as a reliable reference for reconstructing the injured orbit.


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