ACC 2024

2024. 04. 06 ~ 2024. 04. 08
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Booth #3917
Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia
ACC 2024
Elevating Cardiac Care to New Heights with Coreline Soft at ACC 2024: Spotlight on Non-Gated CAC and More
We are proud to extend an invitation to you for ACC 2024, where Coreline Soft is set to revolutionize cardiac care. This year, we're not only showcasing our advancements in non-gated Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) scoring but also unveiling our suite of forthcoming features designed to push the boundaries of cardiac diagnostics and care. As leaders in healthcare technology, we're committed to employing AI to transform the landscape of cardiology, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, patient care, and operational efficiencies.

Leading Cardiac Innovations with AI-Driven Solutions
ACC 2024 is the global stage for showcasing innovations in cardiac health, and Coreline Soft is at the forefront, introducing a broader application of AI in cardiology. Alongside our significant advancements in non-gated CAC scoring, we're excited to present our latest developments in diagnosing critical cardiac conditions, including Aortic Dissection, Aortic Aneurysm, and HeartX (Cardiomegaly). These forthcoming features underscore our dedication to providing comprehensive, AI-enhanced solutions that cater to the full spectrum of cardiac healthcare needs.

Visit Our Booth #3917 for a Glimpse into the Future
  • Date: 6th April - 8th April
  • Location: Exhibit Hall - Booth #3917
Join us at our booth to experience the forefront of cardiac healthcare technology, where we'll highlight the Aview: our premier technology showcasing the latest in AI for superior imaging analysis, diagnosis, and workflow optimization. Discover how Coreline Soft is redefining cardiac care, making it more efficient, precise, and reliable than ever before.

Engage with the Vanguard of Cardiac Care at ACC 2024
Step into the future with us and be part of the movement towards an AI-optimized future in cardiac care. Experience the transformative power of Coreline Soft's AI technologies and our holistic approach to cardiac diagnostics. Engage in insightful discussions about the advancements in cardiology, and explore collaborative opportunities that can elevate your cardiac services to the next level.

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Capture this opportunity to stay at the forefront of cardiac care innovation. Schedule a meeting with our team at ACC 2024 to learn how Coreline Soft's AI-driven solutions, including our new developments in non-gated CAC scoring and critical cardiac condition diagnostics, can advance your practice and improve patient care.

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ACC 2024

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